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Madness Inception : trailer

2010-09-12 12:02:20 by LongLongCat


It's not the same as the moive Inception. My movie is about Jebus teleporting to human world to perform inception on Krinkels to kill Hank. But there are a lot more to this.

As I said in an earlier post, I am going to take a long break from animating.

Hank and prototype (scale)

2010-08-18 01:50:28 by LongLongCat

If you compare a Madness character and a human one, it would look like this.
Oh yes, Mr Wimbledom has legs and he wears a trenchcoat. It's even tougher to animate legs.

Hank and prototype (scale)

Happy Pico Day!

2010-05-04 03:15:51 by LongLongCat

I know I am late but Happy Birthday Tom!

Congrats to all artists who participate in Pico Day. I couldn't make a thing for Pico Day because I am busy with a personal animation project. Sad. :'(

A screenshot from my upcoming music video. A lot of stuff to be added later.

Happy Pico Day!

Upcoming movies

2009-11-10 23:58:07 by LongLongCat

The last movie was a success even though it wasn't as polished as my original imagination. The reviews hit 400. That's a lot. NG is a difficult place to understand I guess.

I believe the story is simple. Poor kids got hit by a car. They just wanted some candies. They couldn't even afford elaborate costumes. They probably don't have doting parents. They probably would go a little further to get more candies. Reality is harsh. When you drink and drive, you will probably hit some moving objects whether they are old folks or some unsuspecting kids. But people will keep doing it because they love drinking just as the poor kids have the affection for candies. The girl survived but passed out and had some nightmares. Why would a kid dream about things that she has never experienced? Some kind of evil induced such bad things into her brain of course. She was haunted by the spirits when she lost her consciousness. The dream was horrible but not as horrible as the reality itself. This is the main point of the story. The story about the haunted hotel (where the ghosts and monster live) will need another movie. I am still writing movie scripts on that one. It doesn't even look like a hotel anyway. The place is totally fucked up. A lot of things in a dream are not well connected. But each scene has a story behind it.

I actually don't believe the idea of a dream where everything is logical. Every dream is a mess. If I am re-enacting a real life event, it would be different.

I have two more movies to make within 6 months. Since there is no more contest, I would just take time and experiment new techniques while keeping my life in balance.

The first one would be a music video starring Raptor Jesus. The second one is a stick slayer episode. I actually wanted to do stick slayer first but I will wait and see how Mindchamber will do the last stick slayer episode. I may have to use his color theme.

Upcoming movies


2009-09-22 22:32:37 by LongLongCat

I am going to make a very cute Halloween episode as the last piece for 2009.